Book Marketing using Virtual Book Tours – Why Host from your Site?

As part of your book marketing plan, you may have included a virtual book tour. There are various options for conducting your virtual book tour (VBT). You could have your VBT Coordinator create a page on their site and coordinate the tour from there, or you could have it set up on your site. Here are five advantages of launching your VBT from your site:

  1. Search engine optimization. Having links from and to your site is good for your SEO.<img src="virtual-book-tour-book-around-globe-reduced.jpg" alt="Book marketing with virtual book tours" />
  2. Visibility. When your tour is promoted, people who wish to follow the tour will come to your blog to visit. This increases the visibility of your site.No wonder you need to prepare your site for the tour.
  3. Grow your list. As persons visit your tour page to follow the tour, if you have a valuable giveaway they will be moved to give you their emails in exchange for your gift.
  4. Permanence. Your tour page will be permanently hosted on your site. Over time, as people visit your hosts’ blogs, read your guest blog posts, and become interested in experiencing more of your writing, they have a direct link to your site.
  5. Connections. A VBT from your site allows a wider audience to experience you and your writing and helps grow your connections as people visit your blog.

A virtual book tour in concert with a strategic marketing plan can help boost your visibility, credibility, and sales.

Discover how to organize a successful virtual book tour that expands your reach and attracts your ideal readers who are ready to buy your books.