You cannot Turn Your Book into Income without doing this…

What would you say is the most important step in self-publishing? Really, it’s quite simple:

Zero Marketing = Zero $ales

Without a doubt marketing is one of the most important steps in self-publishing – especially if you want to turn your books into income. As a self-published author you may be wearing many hats and are responsible for your book from beginning to end. You control everything, beyond just the writing. You’re involved in the design, printing, publicizing, and marketing and have quickly learnt that once the book is published the real work begins. Actually, though, the marketing and selling should start before the book is even completed.

How to Market your Book
Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult although it can be time consuming. It should involve traditional methods such as word of mouth. Tell everyone about your book and ask your readers to tell their friends how much theyMarketing Graphic -- ID-10088236 enjoyed it or found it to be beneficial. This is probably one of the best methods of marketing.

Paid Advertising
Advertising your book in magazines or newspapers is another method of getting the word out, however that can be expensive if not managed well. Unless you’re sure of your skill in this method of marketing it is probably best to stay away from it. Leave this style up to those experienced and skilled advertisers who know what they are doing, unless you find a resource that definitely fits your book and you wish to take a chance on it. Although it can be costly, if managed properly it can be effective in creating sales.

Websites are an absolute must. Almost everyone is online now and when searching for information they look to the Internet as a first resource. If you don’t have a website or one that is ineffective they won’t find you. Having a website allows you to sell your book as an eBook and provides the means to sell hard copies directly to your customers. There doesn’t need to be a middle person unless that’s what you prefer. A website allows your readers to get to know you and learn more about your expertise as an author making the sale more personal. People like to buy from someone they know and trust.

Local bookstores may stock your book but it can sometimes be difficult to convince a large chain to carry it unless you choose to place it with them on consignment. This is risky and you must exercise due care by entering into a contract with the store as to their percentage on sales and the return policy. Many online bookstores will advertise your book, let you know of the sale and then you are responsible for the shipping and handling.

Book Signings
What better way of letting your readers get to know you than meeting you in person and have you sign a copy of the book? These can take place almost anywhere including the local bookstore, library or coffee shop. Contact local book clubs and see if they are interested. If well advertised, book signings can be quite effective.

Since many bookstores will not buy books from unknown authors it may be beneficial to work with a distributor. They usually publish a catalogue of their books and aggressively market them both locally and internationally. Their percentage of the sale is probably larger than what bookstores charge but the number of sales may be much greater.

Self-publishing can be very rewarding to you as the author, knowing you were responsible for every aspect of your book. However, understanding that your most important role during the process is that of being a marketer; and embracing every opportunity to share your message and your writing will triple your impact and help turn your book into abundant income.

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